This competition on a global level gives you a unique opportunity to express yourself, improve your professionalism and compete for a prestigious title.

Baltic Brows®  Championship is the special contest where you will be able to prove your mastery and quality of permanent makeup industry services. This competition will meet all the uppermost requirements and uphold the highest standards. You will get an opportunity to be awarded for a prestigious certification and win a private class with master Rita Romo. Moreover, after this class you can be awarded as Baltic Brows® Instructor! The attendees from all over the world regardless their background, ethnicity, gender, age, social status, political, religious or other factors are welcome to participate in Baltic Brows® championship.  Only the attendees of the conference can participate in the championship. There will be three awards.

Categories and Award:

Permanent makeup (1st place- Diamond)          Permanent makeup (2nd place- Gold)      Permanent makeup (3rd place- Silver)